Thursday, April 26, 2012

Got myself an awesome birthday present!

Faint-Hearted Ranch Pizzaz. MGR #B2404.
Color: White and Red
Eyes: Blue
Horns: Polled
Myotonia: 6
D.O.B: 2-01-2011

Sire: Take Heart Gadget

Dam: Ahart Acres Mimzi  Valley of the Sun show #1: Champion Jr. Buck
Valley of the Sun Show #2: Champion Jr. Buck

(info taken from 

Zazzy is a polled, true red and white blue eyed buck. He is just over a year and is built! If you follow the link above, you'll see his sire, Gage, an awesome buck! He came all the way from CA and can't wait to use him. I got him back in the end of February and finally shipping worked out and picked him up in El Paso, IL on Tuesday :-D
Well Ella had triplets! Two boys and a girl born 04/23/12. One boy and one girl where breech so I had to go in (yuck) and push them forward and get their hind legs out. Then it was easy. All are doing good and bouncing around. Now just waiting on Bailey to go, she is due the 25th, has a bag, but seems to be hanging onto that kid.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Nebel's bucklings.

Nebel had twin bucklings last night. What a surprise! I figured she would have one big one, lol. She had both without any trouble and is an excellent mommy. Had a feeling she was going to go, yesterday morning she was witchy, mouthy, and her udder was nice and tight, all good signs. Got there after work and she had just gotten the water bag out so I stayed and played with Holly's kids (and Seiden's boy who figured out how to get into the grain pen, little stinker!) and make sure everything was good. I dipped their navels, made sure they nursed, gave mom some grain, hay and water for the night and went home. Both are blue eyed, red & white, and look to be polled, yay! Rosenrot is the sire.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby boom!

Roxy with her doeling on the left, buckling on right.

Velvet and her twin doelings.

Holly with doeling on left and buckling on right.
Wow! Talk about a baby boom! Four kids born yesterday, Roxy had a buckling and a doeling in the AM, Velvet had twin doelings in the PM, and Holly had a buckling and doeling this evening! Everyone is doing great and now Nebel is not looking to comfortable...LOL.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Five of the kids enjoying the sun. Love being out there everyday with them and cuddling with them. Kids are the cutest.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Imitation is a form of flattery, I guess. Seems like there is a lot of copy catting out there these days. I listed what I do for my kids as far as care back when I put up the 2012 Kids page on my site and suddenly someone else is now doing the exact same thing a couple months later. Just kinda interesting, that's all :-) Have had a lot of nice kids born and so far all are sold but one doeling, but I've been busy and haven't gotten her on the site yet or informed my waiting list about her, going to work on that tomorrow.

Sierra's triplets.

Okay so this is a goofy picture of Sierra's triplets born 04/06/12....I used my camera phone and it uploaded She had a moon spotted, blue eyed, polled doeling, a red/chocolate & white blue eyed horned doeling, and a blue eyed, black polled buckling. The buckling is sold as a bottle kid as you can see how small his sister in the middle is, and he'll be going to his new home on Tuesday, I want to make sure he gets plenty of colostrum.

Harriet had a chocolate and white buckling 04/02/12. He is already sold and super cute. He is a big un as well! ;-)

China had a black and white doeling on 04/01/12. She did fool me! She was eight days early from her due date, had not dropped or anything. I came out of the barn that evening and here the cutest little black and white doeling was already running around. I put China and her kid in the kidding pen for the night and sprayed her navel with iodine.

Mirage had twins, buck and a doe on 03/38/12. The buck is sold and the doe is retained for now. Updating my blog quick as I've had several kids born over the past few days! :-)