Thursday, November 29, 2012

Well, more breeding has taken place, yay! Although I look to have several does all kidding between April 9th & 12th....well, I guess I can camp out in the barn for a week if need be ;-)

My dear friend in IN let me borrow her sky blue eyed black & white buck so I'm using him for breeding right now, since I couldn't find a blue eyed black & white buck breeding age. He'll be going back home in a couple weeks but looking forwards to his kids come end of April-early May.

Gilly ended up coming back into heat, however when she was bred to Asche, it was his first time ever so that might of been why. So she got bred to the borrowed buck, and it's far enough apart so no problem telling who daddy is :-)

Zven bred Demi today as well. You can see Gilly and Patch in the front, and Demi and Zven in the back in their little "breeding pens". Patch thinks he should get Demi too! Makes it easy on me when more then one doe is in heat. Then when they are done having fun, the bucks go back in the boy pen and the girls go back with their pals. Works good and the bucks know now when I come with a lead rope, one of them is gonna get lucky so they line up.

Check out the 2012-2013 Breeding Schedule on my website to see who's bred to who. I have to add Patch on there with his girls yet but gives you a good idea what to expect kid wise!