Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Hoping everyone stays warm (unless you are in the southern states, then I hope you get a foot of snow ;-) LOL), and enjoys spending time with their favorite people.

Been a long year it seems, but the days will be getting longer now (slowly but surely). The does are getting bigger, and the snow is getting deeper, but spring is coming.

Here is a really cute video for you to enjoy, The Goat's Christmas. Family comes in all shapes, sizes and colors!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Tis the season to be, um, happy, yes happy is the word...

So breeding season is well under way. The boys are um, very happy......the does, well, they have to put up with with smelly, snorty, and yellow bucks. They seem to like it when they are in the mood, not so much when they are not! The bucks are in a "breed through proof" pen, and the does go over by them when they are in heat. Then I separate that doe, and the buck I want her bred to into a pen together. This way I know for sure when the breeding took place and the due date. I write the date down in my phone and on a calender, and can figure out usually if it took if the doe does not come back into heat 18-21 days later.

I put lead ropes or a string on the bucks while they are doing the deed, that way, when they are done, I can handle them without getting *too* smelly in the process. I don't leave collars, ropes, or strings on them at any other time as they can get caught or tangled up with.

Asche, Dante, and Schneider are my "main men" this year, and should be interesting to see what they produce for kids. I am also using a JR buck, but not sure yet if he has been successful in his endeavors.

When bucks successfully breed a doe in heat, they will "hop" forwards and throw back their head and the doe will usually hunch up. This is a very good sign the breeding was a good one. Both bucks and does can faint afterwards as well, like Asche and Blake below. You can see the doe hunching up when Dante is successful. 

                                          Asche and Blake, they both fainted after happy time.

                                         Dante's first time, he finally knows what it's all about, look at that happy face...LOL

                                         Schneider had to do a bit of a hop to reach, but he got er done ;-)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Time for all the lies to come out.

 Update 09/12/13.
This morning I was notified by my email account that repeated attempts of incorrect passwords were used trying to log into my account. Very interesting isn't it? So the password was changed on that, my FB, and this blog since I figure as people have no scruples, they would try my FB and blog as well. Good luck to you guys on that! :-) 

In the four days this post has been up, I've had over 350 views on it. And I've had many people contact me who have seen these people's lies first hand, and a unfortunate few who have been a target of their harassment as well in the past. In fact, the person who started the whole thread and messaged me has repeatedly threatened me in the messages to me, because I'm not giving into them.

And another breeder who was pulled in had what they said twisted around, and when they told these lovely ladies they were not going to get involved with it. Guess what? They were harassed to the point of asking me how to block people on FB. 

A warning to all who get involved with these people......they will use you, they will take anything you say and do and turn it around and use it against you, they will harass, bully, and belittle you when they don't get their way. They don't like "losing" and they are used to getting their way. They will post nice memes and sayings on their ways, and attack anyone who doesn't roll over for them behind the scenes.

This is nothing new for them. It goes from person to person. They have nothing better to do with their time then to harass people. The incident regarding the goat directly below the messages was four years ago, they where not there, nor where any of us "friends" back then either. They are lying, plain and simple.

Here is messages I've received from a darling lady who start all of this, someone who I have had no personal dealings with, or business. And included are my responses. She doesn't wished to be named, even thought she put in her first message she'd publish anything I messaged her, so I decided to oblige her request.However I did leave the initials so you can see her message, and my responses to her. 

I also did rearrange some of it so it wasn't so much back and forth to look, but the text and pictures remain the same.

First message that started this all:

  • M R

    I'm pretty certain that you are well aware of what's taken place tonight. I've got the 411 on you, so be very cautious to what you have to say or better yet, say nothing. I'm appalled at what you've done, I believe people like you have a very "special" place in hell. I've seen your posts over the months & have felt quite embarrassed for you. I also felt sorry for you, because, I knew from reading your posts, that you have suffered in some ways growing up. The embarrassing parts have been your outrageous rants & language, to which I chalked up because of your up bringing. But, this, this is nothing but pure insanity......probably stemming from your up bringing, to which it seems you came out of quite damaged. Some intense therapy with a side of meds, could have possibly prevented what you have no doubtingly turned out to be...."twisted" to which is spewing out onto your animals. Let me make something clear, you may have bullied, bad mouthed, threatened others & maybe it's worked. But, as you can see, I have ZERO fear of people like you. I find it amusing to make it my goal to make things right.....especially when it comes to an innocent animal. Now, think carefully if you decide to answer, because I'm giving you fair warning......I WILL post any message that you send to it? You've met your match sweetheart, ME. I WON'T back down, I WON'T cower or hide or keep silent because of what I hear can be quite the fall out from your mouth. All I say is, DON'T YOU DARE! You've poked a bear & this bear is pissed....BEWARE, you are walking on thin ice with me kiddo. I WILL be contacting the animal services in your state to pursue whatever is necessary to make sure that you will NEVER harm another animal again. I WILL make certain that any charges that can be brought, will be. Don't think that this will be done without amble proof.....I've been working on that. A side note, I made it my goal in my life to be a voice for those that are voiceless, animals. I have a pretty good record of bringing many charges against these types of people & have actually put a vet that had been in business for many years out on his butt because of his many neglect & abuses on animals in his clinic. I had all of my ducks in a row before presenting these facts to him. I gave him two choices, either close down quietly & I wouldn't have to embarrass him or go out with a big embarrassing bang. He closed his doors & said it was due to an illness & he moved out of state to NEVER practice animal care again. Others, have chosen the latter, thinking that I was bluffing, too bad, so freakin' sad, it was too late once I got started. My point? I KNOW what I'm doing & WILL do it! I have a whole list of documentations & testimonies concerning you & the list is growing by the minute. I think you will find it very surprising of just how many people you have cheated, lie to or have personally seen what you have done. Now, I'm going to leave you on my "friends" list.....why you ask? Because I think you NEED to see just what people think of you & that's just a should see just what has been private messaged tonight. AMAZING! So, either stay on & keep informed or "unfriend".....your choice, just as it's your choice whether to continue with what you're doing. Bow out or go down screaming. Which one will it be? Hmmmm, that's your choice.....nite, nite

    Now, I hadn't responded to her at all, and she sends me this after the blog post goes up.

  • Friday
  • M R are a real piece of work. Boy, you've been hard at work covering you butt. Taking snippets of messages can look good if you're on the outside, but the real truth will come out, so don't sit back smiling & giving a big ole' sigh & think it's over. It's not over until the fat lady sings & I haven't belted a note yet.

My response:

  • Lindsay Tyedyeacres Mahoney

    Hi, sorry you got dragged into something between me and other breeders. It does take all kinds. I do see you removed your comments and threads regarding this matter but I did save them and take pictures of them as proof to what was really being said. Several people contacted me on FB, and email, regarding this matter and they have had issues and seen the same stuff that has been posted. Thank you again for your concern in this matter, but the truth is out there for anyone to see. I do invite you to contact any local authorities to come out and view my goats, and also so they can see what has been said and done, and get both sides of the story. I know all too well being lied to, and sorry you found out the hard way how these people behave, and how they drag everyone into their drama. I am going to defriend you, just for the fact that I don't need people "stalking" my wall to try and point fingers, next thing I know I'll be a horrible person for watching a movie or something along those lines. Take care Marian

  • M R

    Do you really think that I'm falling for your message above? Really? You wrote that for show. I didn't take the post down, I just changed your status so you couldn't creep, but your welcomed to send any of your creepers on over to read if you'd like. I WILL continue on this voyage like I had promised you....not because I enjoy drama, actually think it's a waste of time, but when it includes the animals, that's where I come in. I will say it to you again Lindsay, I have plenty of documentations of how you've treated animals, these people wouldn't lie. I'm glad you will welcome any authority to your place, that will make it much easier.....but, it's the past history of your handling of the animals that are in will NOT be overlooked just because you go take some snippets of people's e-mails, pm's & so forth, post them in whatever order you choose, say whatever story looks good & that makes it over. NOT. The animals that have died in your care because of your neglect will NOT go unseen.....PROMISE. Sorry, honey, you've had the wrong bear poked. Send your creeper on over, the post is still there. Take care Lindsay. P.S. it's freakin' "unfriend" not "defriend" good gawd let your friend that posted about "defriending" someone because she took up for a snake, know. Also, why send the message above apologizing for bringing me into it, but you posted my message on your blog? Do you really really think that that exposes me somehow? I thank you for it, it lets people like you know what my passion is & to what extent I'll go to expose anyone that has that kind of mentality when it comes to animals. So, don't, don't send me your patronizing message above, but then have me posted on your blog......can you say contradicting?

  • M R

    Oh, btw, on your blog, this statement is directly under my posting.....I have sent a copy of it to my attorney this evening. It looks as if these comments by YOU, are including me. MY post is to be removed or these comments are to be directed somewhere else so as NOT to look like they include me. One warning is all you'll get.
    Yep.....Nice huh? No regard for the other side of the story, or to make sure it's 100% truth.
    So, my warning for all potential breeders of ANY breed of animal. You are going to be lied to, you are going to be used, you are going to be slandered, backstabbed and your heartbreak will be used against you. You will be sold sick/diseased animals, and you will sit up all night trying to save them. You will spend a fortune trying to save an animal. You will have people you believe your friends turn tail and lie and spew hate towards you when you don't let them get their way.
  • M R

    this looks to be directed to me as well.......BUT I will not bow down to anyone. I will not allow myself to be used and abused. I will stand up for myself. I am done with the constant B.S and drama fest these women have caused.
    Again, pull my post or put it in some other place on your blog so it doesn't look like these comments are directed to me or about me in any form or shape. Get it?

    After this she had blocked me (after saying she was going to keep me on her friend's list so I could see what others think of me above). And notice, she says she will post any message I send her, but as we see here, she does NOT want me to post anything relating to her on the blog.... Then, today (09/10/13), I get this message:
  • Today
  • M R

    I had asked you to move my post else where as it not to look that I be included in your bs. Be expecting a letter soon. Oh, found this post fitting for you, don't you think? The wheels of investigations have begun to spin. You seem to think that your madness can rule everyone.....cause you've got yourself the crazies & seem to think that will work.....NOT. Nothing like a good ole' crazy challenge!

 My reply to her: 

Lindsay Tyedyeacres Mahoney

First, I want to thank you. You have done such a world of good for me I can't even begin to express my gratitude towards you. In 4 days, that blog post has had 350 views on it. That's three hundred and fifty page views. That means a LOT of people have seen the lies. I have had a LOT of people contact me over this, seeing for themselves first hand what these people say and do. And unfortunately heard of other people who have suffered at their hands because they wouldn't give into their bullying, bashing, belittling and bitching. So thank you M, you have done the biggest favor to me in showing others how these people act and think.
Second, you had put in your first message to me (see above), that you would publish any response I made to you. So, if it's okay for you to do that, I would see no reason why I couldn't put the message you sent me on my blog. Fair is fair, right? Or is it, "I can do whatever I want, but YOU CAN'T"? Because that is hypocritical in every shape and form.
Third, a breeder that was dragged into this contacted me saying they found out first hand how this group of people have lied and twisted everything around, and how when they said they weren't getting involved, they where harassed and they asked me how to block people due to the harassment.
Lindsay Tyedyeacres Mahoney
Fourth, you will be blocked by me, seeing as you do the "Block someone then quick unblock to harass" game. And yes, it's harassment. You are taking their word on something that happened four years ago, before I knew them, and they had never seen the goat or been on the farm. They where not there at any point or time. Yet they have lied about how I did not test the goat, and how it was worms. I have the test result, I have the vet who did it, and I have people who actually saw the goat as well. Big difference. These are the same people btw, in which one sold a bred doe to a buyer who when the doe kidded and the kid was stuck, didn't not call the vet and the doe died from a dead kid hanging out of her, and rotted. Same people who had coyotes kill goats two years in a row and claimed people where stealing them. Same people who went away and while they where gone lost a bunch of goats. Same people who claimed they wanted to kill one of their now friends, bury them, then kill & bury said person's goats on top of them so if the body dogs dug them up, they just find goats. Yes, these are your new BFF's so I hope you enjoy them :-)

And yes, she is BLOCKED. Just like the other lovely ladies. Now, seeing as the blog does have over 350 views, and people have seen first hand these people's lies and nastiness, I have blocked out the names of the lovely ladies below. Why? Cuz people have seen them for what they are. Anyone following this blog knows who is doing this. And people coming to this blog from my site can still see this as a warning to be careful about who you trust.

Now. I'm not saying don't buy from breeders, I'm not saying anything like that at all. I'm saying, USE common sense when dealing with any breeder of ANY breed of animal. Be smart, check out the farm, look at the animals, see the test records (if any), and always ask about vaccines, deworming, and any worm resistances to certain dewormers. Have the kids had cocci prevention? Does the breeder check for lice? Are the hooves overgrown? Are any of the animals coughing or sneezing? Simple, smart questions. You wouldn't buy a car without checking it out first, so do the same when buying any type of animal. And be aware not everyone out there is going to be your best friend or have your best interests in mind, so be careful what you share. 

In any breeding circle, you are going to get people who think they have been jilted, or wronged, or screwed over, or play the lie/blame game. I'm going through it right now, thanks to some old "friends" of mine.

I've found, that when people use you, they don't like it when you finally say enough is enough. Since that time, I've had these two follow me around on Facebook, and lie about stuff that happened between us time and again to get pity from others. Well, here and now it all comes out. I put this on my blog because then it's here for all to see, and I don't end up with a huge FB post on it.

In 2009, around March, I purchased some goats from a breeder who is no longer breeding. They claimed they tested for the 3 diseases (Johnes, CL, CAE), and I didn't think to ask to see the results. When I got the goats, one was a supposedly bred  doe, who was smaller then the others and seemed like she was picked on. So I put her in her own area away from the other goats so she could get up to weight, being bred and all. I want to say it was about a month after I got her, she kidded and I was shocked because she had next to no bag. The two doe kids born where small, and seemed weaker then normal. Seeing as the doe had no milk, I took them inside to raise on the bottle, using colostrum replacer and then a milk replacer. Despite fighting for them for two days, nether made it. They couldn't barely stand up and had poor sucking reflexes so took a long time to get any amount into them. Okay, so now I'm upset these kids didn't make it. But that is part of having animals, so I thought at the time.

Now the doe who had kidded was losing weight, so I tried deworming her with several different dewormers to see if she just had a high worm load, since she was on pasture with hay and grain. She continued to lose weight despite a good appetite. She was still away from the other goats (thankfully) because she wasn't in good weight and with that and the birth, did not want to stress her. After a couple of weeks of deworming and no improvement, I called the Berlin Vet Clinic in Berlin, WI to ask what should I do because other then the weight lost, she didn't not appear to have any other visible issues. The vet suggested a Johnes test and I took the doe into the vet. When she saw her, first thing she said was, it's probably Johnes. But I did the test anyways to be sure, because I didn't want to believe it. So she pulled blood and I took the doe home. I knew if it was Johnes she'd have to be put down because there is no cure for it, and they literally waste away. I get the phone call end of the week and yes, it's Johnes. So I arrange for the vet to come out Monday morning to put her down. Well, Sunday comes, and she is down on the ground. She is paddling, and has no reflex when I gently brush her eyes. I call my vet, and they are out on an emergency call and wouldn't be there until the evening, several hours away. And of course, both my bosses are at church, so I am unable to contact them to have them shoot her. I tried another vet clinic who I didn't use at the time but they were unable to get out there in a timely fashion either.

So I made one of the hardest choices of my life. I had a dying goat lying on the ground, able to stand, or even sit on her keel. She could not keep her head up, and she had no renal reflexes. I took a plastic bag and put it over her mouth and nose and held it there. She died. She did not struggle, she did not fight me, she was gone in a few minutes because she was already close to death.

Now, I am crying, I'm bawling my head off that I have to do this to a goat, I'm very upset and I honestly do not give a damn what anyone says, because they where not there. They did NOT have to go through this and deal with this. And I hope no one else has to either. So I contacted the breeder and told her what happened, and what I had to do.

Now I see that it's being said I lied about taking her to the vet. That I didn't, and she probably just died of worms. And that I called up the breeder and described in horrible detail and was taunting the breeder on how I put the doe down.

Here is the email I sent to the breeder. And below it, the breeder's response.

Also this is what the breeder sent me after I informed the goat I got from her was diagnosed with Johnes.

Here is what is being said about me on it on FB.

And here is what a former "friend" said about the whole thing after I forwarded her the emails on you can clearly see they are forward. Also, the last person who commented in the picture has read the blog and saw the lies first hand.....

So I apparently went on and on in great detail about the goat dying when I contacted the breeder....however, the picture of the email I actually sent doesn't reflect that. And here is what C said in her own words when I had originally forwarded her the emails quite a while back.
Okay, so we already see lies being spoke.

This is what she posted on another thread by a different person.
C R She is still in business because She's a competent
liar about everything. I've had nightmares thinking of that poor goat.
I seriously doubt the goat had Johnes. Because she wouldn't spend her
money to test the goat. .The goat probably went down due to starvation
& worms...the same way my buckling I sold her died after 6 months in
her care...I sure hope none of her other goats have died with a plastic
bag over their head...begging to be allowed to live. This is just not
13 hours ago · Like · 2

And this:
C R And let me add this, If she gets upet with anyone,
she tells everyone not to buy their goats because they have CL or they
are too skinny etc...She bad mouthed my herd endlessly. My goats are
anything but skinny and they have the best of care! I test for CL. CAE
& Johnes annually. I've NEVER had a positive....The WI breeders have
had problems selling their goats...This person is the reason. When I
first met her, she told me to never buy a goat out of WI unless it was
one of hers because all the breeders had CL and alot of them had
Johnes...I have no reason to live about any of this. She has every
reason to lie about it...
13 hours ago · Like · 2

And oh, for the record, I said that I don't buy in state anymore because people don't test, I said because most of the lines are related, and many people have silkies and those lines can have Nigerian in them. And if I'm the reason WI breeders can't sell their goats, then how come majority of the breeders who have had goats for sale sold them? I don't see anywhere on my site or blog that I say don't buy from other breeders. Also, she says she has no reason to lie about any of this but she's been proven to lie right on this blog post.

Oh and this:
C R Me either S. I never want to talk to her again.
I have NOTHING to say that she would like to listen to & she has
NOTHING to say that I want to would all be lies anyway...At
the time of the killing of the goat, this person was very angry with
the breeder of the goat. The breeder told me herself that she went on
and on, describing in great detail, the goat's ddying & how it took 10
minutes for that poor little goat to die.. The breeder cried her eyes
out...I think it was done to get even with the breeder, to hurt
her...It just breaks my heart...
12 hours ago · Like · 1
This is the text of the picture above.

P Y K there was NOOOOOOOO test to confirm
12 hours ago · Like

Well, as you can see in the email I posted a pic of above, I didn't go into detail and how it took ten minutes for the goat to die......more lies! And how does P know there was no test to confirm? I have it. Also, they go on about humane euthanasia, but I ended up leaving a group they belonged to after the preferred method of putting down an animal was shooting it, even if a vet was able to come, due to cost....or throat cutting..... And, last year I had a buckling born without an anus opening that was unable to be saved surgically. I had the vet come out (another vet bill to prove, yay!) and when she ultrasound the buckling and found he was unable to have surgery performed on it, I had her put him down right away, while I held him in my arms and cried. Then I was told by P their husband wouldn't of let them waste the money on the vet, and I should of drowned the buckling. I'm sorry, it was $15 to put him down. I have never drowned any animal. Or hung one, or shot one, or cut a throat or put in a freezer, or hit over the head. Other then the doe above, the vet came out or I took the animal in to be put down in what I know is a humane process.

They go on and on about how I didn't test the goat, how it was worms or starvation, and how I took such joy in it......okay, first off, they weren't there. This was before I was unfortunate to become friends with these leeches. They didn't see how I cried over this goat, and how I wasn't going to let it lay there and suffer while waiting for a vet. This was on a Sunday, and the vet I used has ONE vet on call on Sundays, and was already tied up. The other vet I tried was the same way. I did what I felt was best for the goat, despite my emotions on the matter.

Back story on C R.

I bought two goats from her, one was a bred doe, the other a young buck. When I got them, the buckling was smaller then expected (weight wise) and had pale eyelids from the start. So I dewormed him with Valbazen. Over the course of four months, he went downhill, weight lost despite daily grain. The other bucklings he was with was twice his size. I had the vet out to try and figure out what was wrong. At first, it was thought it was intestinal pneumonia, and was treated for that. He still had very loose poop, and was not gaining weight either. C told me to use Quest Plus on him.

Here is the picture of Reinhart when I got him (horned brown and white in background).

Now, I had issues with Reinhart, which I clearly told her about, and this is roughly four months later.

Here is her first lies about the buckling above:

C R I am all for co-operating & working together. But My
thoughts are this:...Some breeder's goats would not meet my
standards...Why would I want to bring a poor quality goat into my herd
that I consider to be a cull... that I would have to wether & or sell
as a pet or give is away? .Also, Alot of breeders SAY they test but
really don't. Testing is expensive...
4 hours ago · Edited · Like · 2

That's her first comment referencing Lil Jon, the "four" horned goat she got from me. (See below).

This is my rejoiner:
Lindsay Tyedyeacres Mahoney Also remember parasite resistances and feed
conversion. I got a young goat out of state and when it was delivered,
it was smaller then I expected and it's eyelids where white. Despite
the vet and I doing what we could, I ended up losing the goat. The
b...See More
4 hours ago · Like

Her response:
C R If memory serves me right, Lindsay, the goat you are
talking about died after being in your care for over 6 months. You had
not mentioned him being sick or having a vet out before he died. So you
can hardly blame the breeder for his death after that length of time.
And he was a mini, which was what you asked for, so he would be small.
Mini goats are slower growers. The brother to that buck died 6-7 months
later but not of the same thing his sibling did...And you were offered
your choice of bucklings to replace the one the one that died. I am
sure not many breeders would have been so generous. I am the Breeder of
the goat Lindsay is refering to.....My goats love pasture. I have 35
acres for them to graze on & 10 more that I lease below my house....
But I do give them one kitchen measuring cup of grain per day...It
brings the goats in so I can give all of them a good checking over
daily...All goats need some measure of care. So after saying all this
in my defense, I think it best that this be discussed privately,
although I have nothing to hide and perfectly willing to discuss it
privately with anyone who wants to talk about it. My apologies to you
3 hours ago · Like · 1

And my comment:
Lindsay Tyedyeacres Mahoney Actually C I did call the vet out
and have the bill and receipt of it, and I did tell you about the goat.
You told me to use Quest on it, which I have in a message from you. I
tried that and what the vet recommended. And it wasn't six months down
the road. His eyes where white when I got him. That can't be put on me.
Then once I couldn't take the other one, Red Bud, who did pass away on
his owner, that's when you started in on me selling you a 4- horned
goat that had scurs. I offered a full refund on everything if a vet
could prove four horns by x-ray and you refused to take him to the vet
for proof. I got all those messages too. Sorry as well Gene.
2 hours ago · Like

After this disagreement, again, here is the comment she posted on the lady who started this round of drama:

C R She is still in business because She's a competent
liar about everything. I've had nightmares thinking of that poor goat.
I seriously doubt the goat had Johnes. Because she wouldn't spend her
money to test the goat. .The goat probably went down due to starvation
& worms...the same way my buckling I sold her died after 6 months in
her care...I sure hope none of her other goats have died with a plastic
bag over their head...begging to be allowed to live. This is just not
13 hours ago · Like · 2

Hmmm, wasn't six months, there was a vet, she knew about it and suggested Quest. I got Reinhart in July of 2011 and he died November 2011. He was not right from the get-go.

C said she was sorry he died and she would replace him for me. At first I didn't want to take a replacement because I was upset about the whole deal. Then I did later on say I would. Enter Redbud. He was the full brother to the buckling that didn't make it out of a different breeding. At first C said I could have him, and I asked her to disbud him, and she said she would. Then she kept stalling and saying he was too old before outright saying she was going to keep him. I said that was okay. Then she turned around and offered him to me again, and I said only if he was disbudded. So she did it. I was planning on getting him, however due to a series of concerts, I did not have the money, and couldn't pay for shipping. She said that was fine. Earlier, we had traded a disbudded buckling of mine for a doeling of hers.

Well, when I couldn't take Redbud, not too much later she sent me the picture below, asking about the buckling's horns. She said he was four-horned. I told her no, it was scurs growing back because he was disbudded later then the rest. She was aditment that I had sold her a four horned goat, but when I told her to take him to the vet, she refused, saying she didn't have to prove, so I told her, take him to the vet and prove he is four horned, and I will pay the vet bills, the shipping cost to her, and then shipping back to me, and the $150 that he was traded for to pay. She refused. We went back and forth over this for a few days, and I posted it on the Q&A's out there (without her name attached) to see others opinions. In each case people said something was very wrong with her as none had seen a four horned buck except for one lady who saw it in a dairy breed. I offered again and again a full refund if she would just take the goat to the vet and prove it was four horned, on Facebook even.

Picture of the "four horns".

Her claims of it again.

Here she doesn't want to discuss it because she "knows" he has four horns.

Here is me trying to make it right with her.

Above we see her accusing me of selling her a four horned goat. And we see me trying to make it right and her refusing. Then, after posting it on FB, she does a 360 and says oh the vet says it's just scurs.....see below.

Now she says he just had scurs....

After that we were not friends anymore. I put it out of mind. A while later, someone had posted condolences about Redbud onto her wall which of course popped up on that damn side bar on FB. So I clicked on it. Here, Redbud, the replacement buckling I was supposed to get ended up with bottle jaw, anemia and died......Well, isn't that interesting as that was symptoms are nearly the same with this buckling as the one I got from her. 

"C R Red Bud had been doing great but it seems that
overnight his eyelids were white & he developed Bottle Jaw...He got B12
shots & Iron shots & Red Cell...In spite of all this, he e crossed over
the Rainbow Bridge....Red Bud's family is very sad....Thanks for the
nice words everyone....It seems like we all grieve when anyone looses a
goat. Velda Akers, Bless your heart..."

And above C says the two bucklings have totally unrelated symptoms.

Back story on P.

Oh and there is another person who has it out for me because I stopped letting her get her way. I got her a sale of her doeling (when I could of sold one of mine instead), and also did a website for her. I told her up front the price of the website on the phone (she of course claims I didn't) and when I finished the site and she asked me the price again, and I told her again, it was suddenly she had to talk to her husband because she didn't remember me telling her the price. So after some back and forth, I decided just to walk away and take the lost, and I was supposed to meet her for the doeling I sold for her, and then deliver it to the person who bought it who I was taking a wether to. So I told her that in light of all of this I couldn't see picking up and delivering the doeling when I wasn't going to be compensated for it. Now she follows her buddy above around claiming this and that.

Other then changing the number of the buyer below, these are the messages in their entirety. 

Lindsay Tyedyeacres Mahoney

I remember telling you the price when I was on the phone with you back when I was setting up the intro page, you had wanted something to show Steve and then also a price. I would of never invested that much time and effort into a website without making sure at first we where clear on the price. If you don't want to pay for the work I did, nothing I can do about it but I don't feel it's fair on me to spend more of my time and money going to FDL to pick up a goat for someone else for you. R's number is 000-000-0000 and you can arrange pick-up/meeting with her for the goat. Thanks for understanding.
Thats fine I will contact her directly. If you told me on the phone the cost why did I ask you so many times in our messages and you never told me. I wanted to be fair with you and didn't want to lose a friendship over it but it seems that even though i asked you to hold the website for me until we find out the cost of the AC you have decided that I am screwing you. I cannot change your mind so I will take care of the goat by myself and will not contact you anymore. Thanks.

Lindsay Tyedyeacres Mahoney

I didn't say anywhere you are screwing me, I said now it seems like you don't want the site so on my end I just put in a lot of work for nothing. I did tell you the price over the phone, because you wanted to know way before I did anything more with the site so you could ask Steve so I wouldn't do a bunch of work and he didn't want the site. I was typing the whole front page of the site when we discussed that because you wanted something to show him and then tell the price to him.

I talked to S yesterday and he was going to pay for it... but not until we found out what the cost of the AC was fixed. That is why i asked you to hold it for a bit. U never told me you put it on the net yet. Now that this has begun to be a problem whenI asked you for time I think its best we just leave it and go on. I had ever intentention on buying the site, even though i thought the price was inflated.

So, my warning for all potential breeders of ANY breed of animal. You are going to be lied to, you are going to be used, you are going to be slandered, backstabbed and your heartbreak will be used against you. You will be sold sick/diseased animals, and you will sit up all night trying to save them. You will spend a fortune trying to save an animal.  You will have people you believe your friends turn tail and lie and spew hate towards you when you don't let them get their way. You'll get messages like the one above from people who are misinformed and blindly believe others.

I do not hide my goats or their care. Anyone can contact me and come see them. I rent the barn/pasture they are at and they are seen twice daily by an impartial party. They are also near a well traveled road, meaning that tons of people drive past every day and see them. They are not hidden, they are not locked in little pens. I had my vet out in July of 2013 to do blood tests and he saw every goat on my farm, and said they ALL looked good. I keep all test results for my goats as well.

Now, I'm human. I can admit it. I've lost goats over the years.....I've never claimed otherwise. BUT at least I did my damnest to try and save them. I have the bills to prove it too. Anyone who says you can get rich off of goats isn't putting any money into them. I don't breed mine to make money. I breed them because they are like my family. I didn't have a very good family growing up, and have gone through quite a bit. You are given a life and you have to do the best you can. That is on you, and only you. I could whine and pule and cry about how horrible my past was, but you know what? Bad as it was, there are a million others who have had it worse. So I'm not going to waste energy complaining.

BUT I will not bow down to anyone. I will not allow myself to be used and abused. I will stand up for myself. I am done with the constant B.S and drama fest these women have caused. They do not like the fact I did not let them walk over me, or use me. And when the ones I was "friends" with became paranoid over what everyone else was saying about them over a registry one started, and then the bashing of others that was done (I have the group messages). It was time to leave. Yes, I did partake of the bashing and bad mouthing of others on that group chat. I got into something I shouldn't have, and behaved poorly. And then I decided I was done and I left. No no, not asking for a halo and wings....I BEHAVED POORLY AND I DECIDED THAT WAS NOT THE WAY I WANTED TO BE AND LEFT. I made a CHOICE.

And because my choice involved standing up for myself, everything I've ever said or done, has been taken and twisted against me. Time and again these women have tried to cause me trouble yet I've never posted about what they did to me first.....only in defense of myself. They even followed my farm page and posted on a group the dangers of a wood pile in a goat pen (because the bucks had some wood in theirs) and yet the same person posting had mentioned time and again how she had seen her goats faint and roll down the steep hills on her property and thought it was so funny.

You, the reader, has a brain. You can think and make choices for yourself. You can see right from wrong. You can decide who is telling the truth, and who is lying. It makes no difference to me.

Also, to anyone who wants to contact the authorities on me over my goats,  (seeing as 99% of these naysayers have never been on my property). Please do. You can have the proper authorities contact me via email and then they can come out and see my goats. They will see all of them, and judge for themselves if the animals are being neglected or not. Seeing as none of these people have been on my farm other then one, and that was oh over a year ago, I'd like to know how they "know" my animals are being neglected :-)

I ask anyone who comes here from FB, that after reading this, to please removed me from your friend's list if any of the women above are your friends. I'm not going to argue with you, nor waste my time with you. Here it is all laid out plain and bare. You have a choice to make.

Here is the picture about the "plan" to put me under.....nice huh? Not, "truth exposed" (since it's all lies), just their "plan" against me..... And side note, these mature adults are all about 30 years older then I, kinda sad they still play these games. And go to church on top of it.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What is a Mini Silky goat?

I've been seeing a lot of confusion over what a Mini Silky goat and a fainting goat is.....thought I'd help clear it up a bit.

The mini silky goat (often referred to as mini silky fainting goat) is a created breed, using long coated fainting goats and nigerian dwarf goats to create a small breed of goat with a long coat, bangs, and short, up right ears. However they do allow any goat that has a long coat and meets their requirements to be considered for foundation status.

Many people believe that a mini silky is a purebred fainting goat, but that is often not the case. Pretty much any silky with Sol-Orr bloodlines has nigerian in it, and Bayshore has Nigerian in some of their lines as well. Here is an excellent case of a Nigerian registered as a purebred fainting goat.
Sol-Orr's Rembrandt
Unfortunately the MGR no longer displays the breed % on their online pedigrees which I think is a huge drawback....

Here you can see the goats listed on the pedigree above. Some are below as well. These are not purebred fainting goats.
The goats listed above are Nigerian dwarfs.

 Here Renee states she crossed the Nigerian and fainters to produce color patterns not found in fainters and to breed for a longer coat. As you see, they put no value on purebred animals, because they are breeding for a certain look....this is a created breed.

Again, clearly states that silkies can have Nigerien in them.

Also check out the Visual Standard on the MSFGA site, it clearly shows how the extreme mini silkies have more Nigerian Dwarf characteristics and how the acceptable and promising show the difference between the fainters and Nigerians. 

I'm not against anyone who breeds mini silkies but think people need to educate themselves about them more or they will end up buying goats with crossbreeding while thinking they are purebreed. The mini silky goat is a created breed that allows any goat with a long coat who meets what they are breeding for to be considered foundation. If you are not sure, contact Renee via the MSFGA and ask her, she can tell you what precenage the goat you are looking at is. Personally I have sold the couple goats I had with Sol-Orr as pets once realizing this, and because of this and the fact Nigerian is used in silkie programs, I do not knowingly have any silky goats in my herd and I do not buy them. I research bloodlines thoroughly before adding them.

In the future, there will be a lot of interest in the DNA testing that they now do for dogs to tell what breeds are in the background to be done on goats, and many people will find out that their so-called purebred silky fainter has Nigerian in it. Hopefully this will make breeders more honest about the backgrounds on their goats. Always research and ask questions when buying goats if they are being sold as purebred mini silky fainters-if you don't want a crossbred goat.

Again, nothing against MSFGA breeders AT ALL. However many people are uncertain about what this breed is about and don't realize it's created breed and not always purebred.
I spoke with a registry owner who states Sol-Orr Rembrandt has 94 offspring listed as "100%" when Rembrandt himself is at most 25% fainter. Again, check your bloodlines, and do your research. While the myotonic goats have been heavily cross bred in the past, and most contain 1-2% of another breed, dedicated myo breeders should strive to keep out other breed influence as much as possible. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Wet weather!

Well we've had no shortage of rain here this year! This was taken yesterday and the dark part to the right was a nice Crops are growing good and most people are already cutting second crop! Kids are all doing good and down to the last 8 to sell. Kinda nice not tripping over so many of them, they all like to mob me when I come in the barn because they know I got the good stuff ;-)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

List of supplies every goatie owner should have.

I've been asked quit a bit about what kind of supplies people should keep on hand for their goats. This is what I personally keep on hand, and generally it's rare for me to use up a bottle of anything before it expires, but better be safe then sorry! So here goes.

Always keep Epinephrine on hand when giving shots! See below.

Vaccines/antibiotics/other injectables. For the non-refrigerated ones, keep in a cool and dark place for best results.

  1. Epinephrine. Epinephrine injectable solution is an emergency treatment for circulatory failure resulting from anaphylactic shock.  It is a must item for emergency kits whre bacterins, vaccines, seryums or antibiotics are being used. 20g needle. Refrigerated. *RX*.
  2. LA200. (oxytetracycline). Good for pneumonia, pinkeye, shipping fever and hoof rot. I've only ever used it for pneumonia and it has worked very well. Does sting so I give it SQ (under the skin) and over the ribs to reduce stinging. Thicker fluid so I suggest using a 18g need. Non-refrigerated.
  3. Penicillin. Pneumonia, wounds, etc. 18g needle. Refrigerated.
  4. Nuflor. Good for pneumonia. 18g needle. Non-refrigerated. *RX*.
  5. Excenel RTU. Ready-to-use injectable ceftiofur hydrochloride that's effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens that cause bovine respiratory disease including: BRD Shipping fever, Pneumonia, Metritis, and Foot rot. Give according to directions. 18g needle. Non-refrigerated. *RX*
  6. Covexin 8.  7-way blackleg plus tetanus (CD/T). This does not sting like the Bar Vac brand does nor does it leave injection site lumps. 2cc per goat no matter age/sex/weight, followed by a booster dose 4 weeks later. 20g needle. Refrigerated.
  7. Lepto-5. For vaccination of goats as an aid in prevention of leptospirosis caused by Leptospira canicola, L. grippotyphosa, L. hardjo, L. icterohaemorr-hagiae, and L. pomona. Goats only get the L. Pomona strain. If you live in an area with a lot of deer or on an old cattle farm, this is a good vaccine to prevent abortions from Lepto. Give it 60 days prior to breeding and then a booster shot 4 weeks later. 2cc. Give to breeding bucks as well. 20g needle. Refrigerated.
  8. Banamine. Flunixin Meglumine. Non-steroid anti-inflammatory and fever reducing drug. Give according to directions and no more then five days at a time. This is an injectable but I give it orally per vet directions because of the sting factor. 20g needle. *RX*. Non-refrigerated. 
  9. Dexamethasone. Steroid anti-inflammatory. Should not be given to pregnant does as it will cause them to abort/go into labor. Follow dosing directions on bottle. Should be stepped down in doses, so if you gave 5cc the first day, you do 4cc the next, then 3cc, 2cc and then 1cc respectively. 20g needle. *RX*. Non-refrigerated. 
  10. Oxytocin. Recommended as an aid in the management of the following conditions: To precipitate labor. To accelerate normal parturition. Postpartum evacuation of uterine debris. Contract smooth muscle cells of the mammary gland for milk letdown. This accelerates normal labor, and aids in letting down milk. Follow dosing directions. *RX*. 20g needle. Non-refrigerated.
  11. Lutalyse (dinoprost tromethamine). For aborting does who where bred to young or if bucks got in the pen. 2cc per goat no matter age/size. Then follow up with 2cc ten days later. Also used to bring normally cycling does into heat (if there is a mature CL present). 20g needle. *RX*. Non-refrigerated. Note, pregnant women should avoid using this as contact with fluid on skin or via needle can cause abortion.
  12. Fertagyl (GnRH). Gonadorelin hydrochloride for the treatment of cystic ovaries. If you have a doe that is cycling abnormally, try 1/2cc. Then repeat ten days later. You can also give shot day of breeding to help settle the doe better. 20g needle. *RX*. Refrigerated.                        
Oral medications and supplements.
  1. Red Cell. Contains 300 mg of chelated iron per ounce. This is an excellent supplement for anemic goats or goats who are suffering from mineral deficiencies. I give 5cc per goat. 
  2. Kaopectate. For oral administration in treatment of diarrhea and enteritis in large and small animals. Works well and helps stop dehydration. But remember, diarrhea is only a symptom of a bigger problem and you must figure that out in order for it to clear up completely. 5cc per goat. Can be given twice daily. Never use  Imodium A-D in goats as it will cause death.
  3. Milk of Magnesia. For goats who are constipated or need to be clear out of toxic feed/forage. Follow directions.
  4. Dextrose 50%. For use as an aid in the treatment of ketosis and as a source of carbohydrates. 40 ml per 100 pound IV or you can give orally. 
  5. Fresh Cow YMCP (or Fresh Goat YMCP). A readily digestible combination of yeast, magnesium, calcium, potassium, betaine and niacin for use goats after kidding to prevent ketosis and milk fever. This is a powder you mix with water. Most goats like the taste and will readily drink it in warm water with a little molasses. 
  6. Amino Acid oral. For use as a supplemental nutritive source of amino acids, electrolytes, B complex vitamins, and dextrose goats. Helpful for sick or goats under stress. Follow directions.
  7. Lactated Ringer's. For the rehydration and replacement of electrolytes. For goats, give it in several areas in small amounts under the skin. *RX*
  8. Duramycin 10. Powder available in 6.4 oz packet. For use in the drinking water of goats to control and treat bacterial enteritis (scours) caused by: E. coli, Bacterial pneumonia, Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae and Klebsiella spp. This is good to add to drinking water during times of stress or weather changes to prevent pneumonia. Follow directions on packet.
  9. Aspirin powder. To be used orally as an aid in reducing fever and in relief of minor muscular aches and pains. Follow directions on packet. 
  10. Bluelite Bovine. Electrolyte.There is a goat version but since they differ very little, and the bovine version is easier to find, that is what I use. Excellent product to use during times of stress and heat. This can be mixed into their water or top dressed on their feed. 
While this is not a "complete" list, it should help people trying to decide what to have on hand. Again, I am not a vet and you should always talk to a vet before treating your animals. 


Been awhile, as I get busy with kids and work I tend to forget about the blog...whoops!

Since March 15th I've had 33 kids born and 10 does left to kid. Two singles, three sets of triplets and eleven sets of twins! My first timers from this round had twins and one had triplets. Although Christine did have a single....was expecting more singles but okay!

I have 11 kids left for sale, several real nice blue eyed bucklings, polled or disbudded, and a couple doelings as well.

Can contact me at or view my website at for pictures of kids for sale. I also have several adults for sale as well since I am retaining some doe kids and weeding out related bloodlines since I have several with the same lines. All nice goats, just don't need a bunch of related does.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Fainting Goat Colors and Patterns!

I decided to do a post on colors and patterns found in the fainting goats. I did it here since it really bogged down my site since I was using pictures from others (with permission of course, will be noted below their pictures) and decided not to spend forever re-sizing them.

There can be a lot of confusion over what is considered what, and I hope this helps. All goats used here are fainters as represented by their respective owners.

Black: Pure black is just that, pure black. They may have a frosted muzzle and ears, or not. Should be nice and shiny.

                                     Above photos from Harley's Barn.

White: Pure white without any other markings.

                                     Above pictures from Harley's Barn.

                               Above picture from West Wind Acres.

Black and white: By far the most common color pattern in fainters. They can be black with a lot of white, black with a little white, and some very interesting patterns like Phoebe (the one take the bow) who has ticking in her white.

                                  Above picture from Harley's Barn.

Brown (chocolate), brown and white: Brown is often called chocolate, but it's the same coloring. Brown and white is simply brown with white markings. Any other color along with the brown and white would make it a tri-color. 


Tri-color: Tri-color is just that, any combo of three colors. There are quad colored goats (usually, but not always moon spotted).
                           The two does above are a very different tri-color.

                 This doe above is considered the black/tan tri-color pattern.

                         This girl has black on her legs making her a flashy tri-color.

Tan/apricot: Paler then brown, but not white. 

                                     Picture above from West Wind Acres.

 Blues: Blue is grey coloring. Often has white on them as well.

Reds: Reds are, well, red! They are not brown, nor tri-color (although some reds do have black markings). They should be a deep red, or a rusty red.

Roans: Roans are any solid color mixed with white.

                                 Above, purple roan with red cheek pattern.

                                 Above, bay roan pattern.

                                 Above, red roan pattern.

Moon spots: Moon spots are any color spot other then black or white, on a solid base. So a white goat with black spots is not moon spotted, and nether is a black goat with white spots. But a black goat with tan or brown spots is, and a white goat with brown patches and grey spots ON the brown patches is also moon spotted. Also, in order for the spots to be passed on, one or both parents must have a moon spot. Moon spots are a dominant gene. Moon spots can not randomly pop up in a goat. But sometimes they can be hidden on the coat and hard to see. They can be just a few hairs, and can be hidden under white (white is not an actual color but lack of color). Or they can be so close to the main color it's missed. While some goats throw the spots on their kids easily, others rarely seem to despite lots of them. On kids, the moon spots can be very dark and lighten up considerably as they mature. 

                                 Above from West Wind Acres.

                                 Above from The Bar T Ranch.

Badger face/blackbelly: These have bands of black on their stomach, legs, dorsal, and around their face.

                                 Above pictures from The Bar T Ranch.

Flowery: These have "feathering" on the solid coloring on their bodies. They are generally black, brown/tan, and blue.

                                 Buck above is sire to this buckling.

                                    Above picture from B's Barn.

Peacock pattern: Called Cou Claire or Cou Blanc in dairy goats, the peacock pattern is always lighter on the head and neck, and darker on back of body. Peacock patterns with white are called "broken" peacock.

                              Above, even though she has a lot of white, if you look closely at her facial markings, you can see the peacock patterning.

 Red Cheek: The red cheek is just that, red cheeks on the goat.

                                 This is the same doe, just showing both sides.

Goulet pattern: The goulet pattern is considered white head, solid eye patches or white around eyes, then solid body color with white in it.

                             Above, this doe is not "quite" Goulet but very close.
                            Above, this doe shows the other colors that Goulet can come in, while she isn't "quite" Goulet either, again, very close.
                               Above, this buck shows the Goulet pattern with the white head, darker around eyes, then solid body and white mixed in. All three photos come from Liberty Hills Farm.

Keep in mind, there is a lot of different colors out there. This is simply a guide to help people understand the different colors. I personally will not buy fainting goats with pygmy or Nigerian colors as they do not naturally occur in the fainting goat. Remember, Mini Silky goats are fainters who are often crossed with Nigerians (per their breed standard) and so double check to ensure you are indeed getting a purebred fainter if that is what you are looking for!

A big THANKS! to all the breeders who allowed me to use their photos!